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Luxura X7


Our brand new, state-of-the-art Luxura X7 has a combination of great looks and superb tanning capability.


The body-shaped acrylic fits your body for added comfort during tanning sessions.


Body Cooling

As refreshing feature CliMax combines different ways to create the most comfortable temperature while tanning. Air-conditioned air is blown between the double acrylics in the bed to cool the lying area. Secondly this exclusive system blows the air-conditioned air via the body cooler at the foot end in a fresh breeze over the body. The body cooler can be adjusted in 8 power levels.

XL Light

XL Light, 2-m-long tubes, expand the tanning surface to a maximum and ensure a head-to-toe tan without concessions.

Face Cooler

A separate face cooler makes the cooling sensation complete. This fine CliMax feature delivers air conditioned air to the face area. The directions of the face cooler can be adjusted easily. The face cooler can separately be adjusted in 8 power levels.

Sound System

With its quality sound system, Luxura X7 transforms every tanning session into a treat for the ears. No matter whether clients want to listen to a personal playlist, soothing lounge music or relaxing background tunes – they will bask in an overwhelming sound experience. Four loudspeakers plus sub-woofer guarantee a full sound.

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